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The Most Important Blog You Will Ever Read

I know I am given to a little hyperbole every now and again.

But what we are going to discuss is probably the most important thing you will hear all year, maybe ever. Ready?

Within you, there are 2 circles, an inner and an outer.

I am learning that it is really important to live life from within the inner circle. My essential, core nature is the inner child, the immortal diamond, the seed of God, the true self. The false self/ego is the mask I have learned to wear, from countless small and large hurts (when I was younger) that made me feel the need to cover up, protect and impress to survive. Armour.

I am here, it worked. Well done. Thank you.

However, I am no longer small.

When I experience fretting about performance, or concern about what others think of me, or fear of the future, I am living on the run- from the outer circle of the false constructed self.

The feelings are the giveaway to my location. The ego is a slave driver whose appetite is endless. I know I am living from the ego when I feel oppressed, angry or trapped.

The child will tell me what I need if I gently ask how he is feeling and what is making him feel this way. There is a little skill to this. Approach him as if you were speaking to a younger version of you who is lost at a big funfair. The tone of voice, inner poise etc.

The ego doesn’t like these questions - they loosen his grip (even though he is trying to help). As I move to the centre, letting go of the concerns of the ego -simple, peace and ease return. Ego will say…” but what about what X thinks” … “you should”… “it’s not grown up…”

But JOY is the gift of the child (my true inner nature, the image of God within me) as is innocent WONDER and BLISS.

A simple question to ask...

In this moment of feeling XXX, am I living from my true loved centre or from the outer rim of the false self?

You are invited to live from the centre as much as you like.

And a little child shall lead them…

Isa 11

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